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"DINKS DIRT" :Wonderful natural vermicompost " worm castings". $10.00 lb. plus shipping and handling. . Other amounts available.

"WORMS ~ TO~ GO " Red wiggler composting worms. 1-LB $30.00 plus shipping and handling. 

FISH FETCHIN' WIGGLERS - 18-20 worms .-$3.50

 BACK PORCH WORM FARMS : Custom vintage bins and plastic tubs made to your specifications. Approx. 2lb.s red wiggler worm and bedding for them.  $75.00 - $150.00 plus shipping and handling.

 Hardy Cyclamens : white and lavendar colors. Large
$8.00,  Med $5.00. Seeds- $3.00. Plus shipping and handling.

Vintage Farm Treasures : Come see our Historical barn and search our treasures for sale. 
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